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Evergreen Hand-Cut Cards

Mrs. Guo

01.Guo Xiulin (06-24-2016)Mrs. Guo, a wonderful lady and an Evergreen Card card-cutter for more than 10 years, has a permanent walking impairment which necessitates the use of a cane to get around. This doesn’t keep her, though, from always quickly getting to the Evergreen Cards’ office to pick up her supplies every time we call with new card-cutting work for her to do. Though life is often very hard for her and her family, she is extremely thankful for the opportunity to earn a living by cutting cards.

Several months ago, her husband experienced a severe loss of use in one of his arms. The seriousness of this led them to see a doctor to find out what was wrong with his arm. Surgery was the result. Fortunately, it seems that the surgery has been successful, but he now still has quite a long recovery period ahead of him before he will be able to begin working again. During this period, the money that his wife earns from cutting cards is the only income that their family can rely on to support their family’s daily life.

Mrs. Li

02.Li Yuhua (06-24-2016)Mrs. Li is nearly 60 and has been working with Evergreen Cards since the project started in 2004. Most people her age no longer have to work so hard to supply their family’s needs because their children have grown up, gotten married, and often are helping them out financially. For Mrs. Li however, this isn’t the case. Her son’s wife divorced him and left him and her grandson several years ago and her son still must work long hours each day, so she is now the primary person responsible for taking care of her grandson. Cooking meals for him is not a problem, but being intimately involved in training and educating a 13-year-old-boy is now the hardest part of her life. It is a difficult situation, but she has no other choice.

Mrs. Qi

03.Qi Yuefang (06-24-2016)Mrs. Qi has already been working with Evergreen Cards for about 12 years. Though she is an extreme introvert, her card-cutting skills are great. She has a little daughter who is in primary school, so she has to be available to cook for and to take and pick up her daughter from school several times each day. She feels very lucky to have the chance to earn money by cutting cards at home. In China, moms who are responsible for taking care of their children have very little opportunity to work to help support their families.

Mrs. Li

04.Li Yumei (06-24-2016)Mrs. Li is a very special lady who has been working with Evergreen Cards since the very beginning. When you buy any of our most intricately-designed cards, there’s a good chance that they were personally cut for you by her! As one of our most skilled card-cutters, each time we hold training sessions to teach new ladies how to cut cards, she helps us with these trainings. Her husband passed away several years ago, and since that time she has also battled back from a very serious and life-threatening surgery of her own. She now lives in the village by herself, but with the money she continues to earn from Evergreen Cards and her children’s help, she is doing fine.

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